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Heavy transports

The helicopter has proved irreplaceable for carrying out work in inaccessible areas. Due to its efficiency and versatility, it saves resources in hook-based activities such as transporting and laying electrical cables, concrete, pylons, timber, bricks, masts, aerials, supplying high-altitude shelters and all other uses where aerial work is more economical in terms of flexibility and time.
These jobs require pilots and machines that are always up to the task in terms of professionalism, experience and technological innovation. Hook work, now indispensable in many sectors, is always performed by highly trained and experienced pilots. With our Ecureuil AS 350 BA helicopter, we are able to transport up to a maximum of 750 kg on the barycentric hook at various locations.
Moving and positioning of beams, poles, pylons, cranes, roofs, masts, antennas, audio and video repeaters, carpentry structures houses and installations of various types and sizes.
The helicopter makes it possible to cast concrete with maximum precision, speed and competitiveness on sites that are difficult to reach by conventional tankers.
Erection of pylons for power lines and cable cars, timber harvesting, assistance at sporting and other events. Special services include recovery of waste at heights, spreading of pesticides/phytosanitary treatments by helicopter.
Aerial services for amateur and professional filming. Possibility of transporting individual cameramen or full crews for films, documentaries, television reports or sports competitions. For surveying services from above with special equipment of all kinds through the transport of specialised personnel for land control and monitoring, for infrastructure planning, industrial development and the advancement of works, for urban redevelopment and geological surveys.
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